Kendra Harris
Program Director

​Kendra has over 15 years of program management experience with children in Jackson County.  She is, currently, in the process of getting to know all of our members and is excited to have a positive and meaningful impact on all of our members.

Ryon Wheeler

Ryon has worked full-time in Clubs since 2007 starting in Bloominton, IN  He has been in Seymour since May 2017. As the son of a Club Executive and a "Club kid" himself, he wants to make sure all kids are afforded the same opportunities he had as a Club member.


To inspire and Empower all young people, Especially those who need us the most, to realize their full potential as Productive, Caring, and Responsible Citizens.


​Jeff has been with us for over 25 years, and has loved every minute of it. He really enjoys connecting with the kids through athletics, and consistently runs leagues out of our gymnasium!

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Christie Busby
Office manager

Family is very important to Christie and she can often be found at her kids sports activities.  She has taught Sunday school for many years and looks forward to learning more about the Club and connecting with the members.